About us

Il Pontile Immobiliare

The Real Estate Agency IL Pontile is located in the center of the famous tourist resort Marina di Massa in the Apuan Riviera in upper Tuscany, a stone's throw from Versilia.

The Agency is specialized in residential sales and operates mainly in Marina di Massa and surrounding areas such as Cinquale di Montignoso, Massa, Montignoso, Marina di Carrara and Carrara.

Why sell or buy with us

Vito Desanguine, owner of the agency, is a Real Estate Agent (registered in F.I.A.I.P at n. 33438) deeply convinced that having great attention to the needs of customers is the best way to carry out the profession of Real Estate Agent because houses are not sold or bought by themselves, but they are sold and bought by people each of them with specific needs. That's why it is right that when a client relies on a professional, he must be followed every step of the way of selling or buying, helped in any needs that may arise and advised on what is the most appropriate solution even if this should not be the most convenient for the Real Estate Agency.

Where we operate

Mainly in Marina di Massa, Cinquale, Massa and Montignoso. When necessary also in Versilia, Marina di Carrara and Carrara

What we can do for you

  • Free property valuation;
  • Land registry and mortgage searches;
  • Ape and cadastral plans (through agreed technician);
  • Access to the acts in the municipality for the report of urban conformity and the state of legitimacy of the property (through agreed technician);
  • Advertising on social networks and major real estate portals;
  • Professional photo service;
  • 360° Virtual Tour;
  • Home Staging (through professional agreement);
  • Clearing cellars, moving and/or furniture disposal;
  • Collaboration with other agencies through Fiaip circuit and Casagest24;
  • Collaboration with more than 50 local agencies;
  • Collaboration with major agencies in other regions.